Thursday, May 20, 2010

{mission accomplished...goal achieved...finito...done}

yes, my current contract is finally complete! i am done!

so, what better time to update you on my methods of procrastination - which got me through these last few weeks of work...

i get my craft on...

in a serious way...

yup, when i'm met with specific obligations that must be fulfilled and i have no control over it...i get my projects out and start sewing, painting, gluing, cutting.

until such a time arrives when i can no longer negate that which is expected of me...which is when the rubber meets the road and i put overdrive...and we "survive" through the days when "Mummy's working."

so no, it's not all buttercups and daisies, but we got through it. and some homemade gifts were created in the, i mean process!

and now...we look forward, with great anticipation, to what the days ahead will bring.

i am done...and we are blessed!


kelly ens said...

those aprons are SOOOOO cute!

Jody & Melissa said...

whoot whoot! Let the hanging out begin! I bet the "J" blanket was for the cutest baby boy ever. Just a guess though. ;) xo