Sunday, May 23, 2010

{our current dilemma}

nope, not the resident 2 year old...per say...but, rather, the short thick digit of her hand, next to the index finger and opposable to each of the other four digits.

granted, it may be because of me that she may have gotten started on this habit. i may have disregarded hubby's requests to pull her short digit out of her mouth because she may have been too cute and tiny to enforce such strict rules. but, who's ever to know?!

now, although she may still be too cute...and enforcing strict rules is a tad complicated in this situation...we are faced with a dilemma: weaning a two year old from her opposable digit!

they're so cute and stout...but under that Dora band-aid
is a big ol' callous...ewww!

any tips...suggestions...words of advice would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

brooky sucked her thumb til she was 3... and then just stopped... i wasnt too worried about it... she had bleeding thubs that were calloused. you can try yucky tasting things from the natural foods stores....I hear they are gross ...and a deterent... unless the kid LOVEs their thumb and then they jsut bear the taste....
she wont be sucking her thumb forever... and she is still littel... I woudnt worry...
love ya

Christina B said...

oh my dear karleigh...thank you for your words of wisdom! i am worried about her upper pallet, but i too think she's still so little! so...i'll heed your advice and just let it be!