Tuesday, April 13, 2010

{while daddy's away...}

us girls will play!!

so...given that jim's been out of work since october (!!) when the opportunity came up for him to get a few weeks of work...we actually had to think about it (seriously!)
only because the work that was being offered to him is not here! nope...it's up north! and i'm not! so, in attempts to keep all things sane and keep me distracted, i've been keeping us rather busy!
but God is faithful...and jim and i have been managing quite well - as have the girls!

this morning we headed out for a stroll along the beach with a good friend, which obviously ended in a scrumptious coffee and muffin...and after that...the rest of our day continued on full-boar...

{and while avery's asleep...}

{we will PAINT!!!}

{i've tried MANY times to correct that grip...no luck!}

{finished product = 3 bird houses and 2 beach rocks}
unfortunately i didn't have the camera out for the 5 mintues avery lasted putting her touch on these creations!

after cleaning up the mess (yes, jim, i cleaned it up!!) we headed down to the beach for a picnic lunch

{our view}

{our feast - minus that knife!}


{only you...avery...only you}

{our treats}

{beach fun...in April!}

{a yummy "girl" meal}
meaning it's mostly made of things we enjoy...and daddy would simply consume
but one thing is for sure, meals are, for some reason, not a priority without jim here - so this meal was my guilty-creation, knowing that i could not skip out on another dinner. but it turned out very yummy - i call it "pasta-a-la-me" - it's chicken, peppers, onions, spinach and peas in a light cream sauce over spaghetti...mmmmm!

and then, after a walk to the mail, we ended the night on a bright note...heehee! i pulled out the glo-sticks and the girls went crazy!

can you see her eye??

and hers??

to wrap up the evening, i read another chapter in our novel and the girls we off to dream-land...glowing blanket and all! yes, avery's glo-stick broke open and glo-juice dripped all over her beloved "ni-night"...only morning will tell whether it was a good idea to let her sleep with her illuminated covers!

all in all, it was a great day...and mummy is tuckered out! tomorrow is fitting to be equally busy, and after a good night's sleep, we'll all be raring to go!



kelly ens said...

glad you three are keeping yourselves busy/entertained while jim is away. hopefully the rest of the time passes quickly for you!
that meal you made looks delicious! (i totally know what you mean about meals not being a priority when the man is not home).

Niki said...

Looks like a great day! A little jealous you can be at the beach that easily!

We often paint when Jorja sleeps too. Or other crafts a two year old would just make a ridiculous mess of. (Tomorrow we plan to make an edible playdough I picked up for her birthday. We don't want Jorja to get confused about eating playdoh, so she won't be joining in the fun.)

And our dinner when Andy is gone? Cereal for the kids and leftovers for me! Your dinner looks positively gourmet!!

Barley Girl said...

christina... you are AMAZING!!! I also pray that the time goes by for you quickly and that it is blessing to you in ways you never knew it would be... you are a strong woman and I know that you will make it through this time of extra challenges gracefully...know that I love you and am thinking of you and praying for you.
Love lots..
Karleigh Jane

Barley Girl said...

ps. I want to eat that dinner right now. all my favorite things on one plate.. how did you know?

Suzy said...

Katie DRANK the glo-juice once and I had to phone poison control. It's not toxic.