Monday, April 19, 2010

this picture sums up what i am experiencing at this moment
a light at the end of a tunnel
an end to a way of life that as been
"the norm" for almost 2 years!

this tunnel has been filled with
many incredible learning experiences
kids and colleagues who made my journey all the more worthwhile
and some who didn't
support from my muma and hubby that can never be repaid
or fully understood

this time that is drawing to a close
comes with much excitement
looking ahead into the year that is to come
wondering what it will hold
and looking forward with anticipation to see how things will unfold

God has taken us on quite the journey
one that has held many lessons
and has turned our focus to concentrate
on what really matters

and the light
at the end of this tunnel gets brighter
i need to stay focused on the task
at hand and give 100% of what i have

not letting myself get too far ahead
and embracing the light as it slowly approaches
i doubt that these next 5 weeks
will afford me much time to blog

what it will allow however
{something i am no longer will to compromise}
is not losing sight of what's really important

my family and the time we cherish
being together