Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, I've had many thoughts of posting, but actually finding the time to sit down a type has been the challenge!

So, we'll keep this short and thankful, as it is Thursday! And like Jim always says "Today isn't Thursday...tomorrow is Friday!!"

So - I'm thankful that I was just able to go out for dinner with my guy for an early "Happy Birthday" to me!

We're getting to go away for this last long weekend of "summer" - and it happens to be, as it has been for the past 28 years, my birthday weekend. Double yay...yay!

We (Lisa and I) started training more seriously for the up-coming Rubber Ducky! And by "more seriously" I mean we've added fartleks back into the weekly regime - why oh why do these things have to be considered helpful in the traning process?? Couldn't "training" consist more of coffee-sipping and friendly chats?? Guess not! So, until it does, we'll continue to pound that pavement and let that funny-named-horrible-excuse-for-a-good-time-but-great-way-to-ensure-you-have-a-pulse keep kicking my butt, until I can kick IT!!

Fall is nearly here. I may take some time in a future post to reflect on my ideas about Fall and why I embrace it whole-heartedly, but right now I'll simply relish in that's almost here!

13 more sleeps!!!! Until we take possession of our new place! Can you sense our excitement?? Huh...huh...can you...can you...??? This count-down is almost more painful than the count-down of safely passing into the second trimester of a pregnancy! Don't even go THERE!

Free, vintage (literally! They used to be my Mum's when she was a young girl) bunkbeds! My uncle has somehow kept these beds in his care unbeknownst to many in the family, and graciously passed them down to us! Originally my Mum's and aunt's, then her brothers shared them, then my uncle restored and painted them for his daughters, and now my daughters get to enjoy them! And enjoying them they are! No more cribs in this house...seriously!! Avery is loving this new set-up! A big girl bed and a room mate!! She's not passing this one up for her crib! And, thankfully, Karys is doing exceptionally well sharing what used to be her room. It seemlessly turned into "their" room, which always makes for an easier transition!

I know there's lots more that I'm thankful for, but at the moment all I can think of is bed, packing, road-trip...

Here's to long weekends and the return of some semblance of order...enjoy!


kelly ens said...

we are SOOO excited for you guys and your new house. we can't wait to visit!!!! :)
where are you road-tripping to? any chance we can do a birthday coffee????

rachel cornelsen said...

happy brithday for this weekend! that's so great the girls are enjoying sharing a room! that was definately a favourite for me growing up :)