Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh Happy Birthday....

...to me!! (slightly vain, but no one else planned anything! A girl's gotta do...)

So - here it is! A day belated, but for good reason! Last night I was too busy visiting with some incredibly special friends, whom I invited over for a scrumptious BBQ!! mmmm....unfortunately, everyone there, including me, was all too busy eating yummy food and enjoying great company to take any pictures :( Oh well...great times were had by all, especially the 12 kids under 11!

However, the day started on an entirely different note! Picture this, if you will: alarm set for 5:30am, to ensure a prompt 6am start. Husband tries with all his might to have some visible evidence that his cell phone alarm is "enabled"! Without much avail, and with him certainly full of doubt in his technological device, we settle in for a "good night's sleep." Avery starts to cry/call for me at...get this...5:10...AM!!! So...up we get and out we go! Set out for a marathon drive back down to the coast to get things and ourselves ready for the arrival of our company! On the road...at 5:45am...on my birthday...YAY!?!?

It is what it is!

So, here I am...what I am....at 5:45am...now, at 29!!

My lovely company...

And trusty companion!

Birthday View...the lovely Cariboo Hwy!

Glad it's my birthday...and I'm still not 30!!

Sad to be another year older...and I still get zits!! (note: click on photo to enlarge, although you hardly need to to get a load of the doozy between my eyes!!)

My attempt at appearing "contemplative"...

And "mature"...or "adult-ish"...or however you're supposed to look at 29!

Did you buy it?? Huh?? Do you think I can sell this "mature" (said with that snooty accent where they say "ma-toor") facade to my up-coming class of....PARENTS?

But...seriously...I'm still just me!!

And he...loves me!! I'm so lucky!!

But, deep down, he's just as silly! And loves to try and fool me by driving like...THIS!! (note: he does keep his left eye on the road! One eye IS better than none!!)


The girls try their hand at one-upping Mummy's "silly" face...

I still think I WON!! And...after all, it was MY birthday!

There ya have it! My day...in a nutshell, sans pictures of the BBQ bash!

Now, back to work! FULL FORCE! This is NOT for the weak-at-heart! I gotta be AT work by 8am!! What's a girl to do?? Look forward to the reality that there's only 7.more.sleeps....until we move!! This full-time gig will only help this time go by more swiftly...right??

I'll let you know!! Until then...here's to new beginnings!


Lisa said...

We all had such a great time! Happy birthday! To a wonderful year ahead.

kelly ens said...

how come we weren't invited?????
glad you were able to have a good celebration!
lucky for you that I get to lead the way into 30 for you, hey?