Friday, September 4, 2009

bunk beds and bed head

So, here's a few pictures of the girls and our newest treasure...

paparazzi-pic...attempting to stay undetected...

attempt: failed

a cluttered, disheveled peak at the beds...please don't mind the state of this room-in-transition

enjoying the feeling of being a "big girl"

And, in other news, here's the latest haul of ripest crop...from our soon-to-be property

And lastly, in a couple minutes we will be I am really shirking my responsibilities by posting this so last minute! But a girl's gotta do...

So here's a last minute look at my attempt to avoid bed-head and not have to pack all the hair paraphernalia that comes along with having girls with long hair.

She's a TAD excited to go see Oma and Opa!!

Ahhh - Jim's home...gotta RUN!!
Have a great wkend!!!


kelly ens said...

love the bunk beds!!!
those peaches - oh my...delicious! (did you figure out how to can them??? home-canned peaches over vanilla icecream is to DIE for :)
the girls hair is incredible. i think it's going to be very successful! i think i might try that with Taeya (you're full of great suggestions in these posts - thanks!)
have a great weekend - love you and wish we could see you!

Jessica said...

Back to designer Bunk Beds ; I love to highlight these few designs that I saw, just look at