Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm still standing...

...well not literally!! But I AM still here - contrary to what these posts look like!! So, don't get too excited..this is NOT the post to end all posts, but rather one to let you (sole reader) know that I am still here and looking very much forward to getting "back in the swing of things" in approximately 20 more sleeps!!! That is when I become a jobless Mum again - and am so excited about it!! Don't get me wrong, this job has been priceless - perfect hours, perfect staff, perfect school! But I bit off more that I would have liked - more than is healthy for my hubby and girls! So...come months' end, Mummy's back and we're on the move!!
We would never be where we are today if it weren't for me getting this job - and for that I am forever grateful! But I also feel as though God allows things to happen that we've been asking for just for us to get a taste of it and realize!'s to 20 more sleeps and the return of "full-time-Mummy!" - which includes more frequent posting!
In other news: life's great, we're great, weather's great! Great! Until next time...enjoy the time you have where you're at - we are where we're at for but a moment...for a reason! DO you know the reason?


kelly ens said...

i'm pretty sure you have more than 1 reader :)
did you mean something by "we're on the move!"? or was that just saying now you get to go and do more stuff as a family?
i love your new blog look - it's so cute!

Anonymous said...

yes, I want to know the same thing as kelly!! I guess you have two readers for sure.. hee hee heee
I also love the new look and I am so excited for you to be done in twenty days. I will be praying for you as I run this morning to make it through... you can do it!!
all my love, thinking and praying for you!

Christina B said...

Hey girls...i oh how i WISH it meant we were actually moving!! Nope - just means that when I am done, my girls will finally be out and about and taking advantage of all this beutiful place has to offer! But, we're hoping God has it is His plans for us to be moving too!! Glad I have 2 readers:)