Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day...and Holiday

Hellloooooo - and Happy Father's Day! Not applicable to most (if not all) of you, I'm sure! However, I know you all are able to celebrate today in some form! We did! And we are ever so proud to be able to! Jim is such an incredible Daddy - and Husband! He adores his girls - all 3 of us and we enjoy having him to us! Today was no different...although nothing I would have asked for had it been my day!

Jim and I are very say the least! So, where I would love a day filled with plans and events, Jim would (and did) enjoy a day with little to no plans and just doing "stuff" around the house that needs to get done - so Fatherly! So "get things done" we did! And his 2 little helpers may not be who/what you expect...

introducing... Husqvarna

and Stihl!

And they were of ample assistance while tackling a hefty challenge!

Doesn't he look SO happy?? He's actually trying to see thru all the dust!!

So...we enjoyed coffee, tools, munchies and naps! All in all...the perfect Father's Day!

And...not long ago, Jim was also able to convince me that I can mangae without him for a couple nights! He headed up to his folks' property, got a peek of what's been going on and even got a few hours in on his old machine! Not to mention several photo-ops...

And the number of buildings is growing...

The newst building on the block - from the inside! It's a kitchen/living room! handsome!

The Lake

Needless to say, the girls and I did survive with some help from Jim's Oma and Opa - whom we had a nice visit with while Daddy was gone! So nice, in fact, we invited ourselves to stay another night...they were MORE than thrilled!

Anyhow - that's it for now...Hope you have a great week!


kelly ens said...

great pictures :)
where is Jim using the weed-wacker? we can't seem to visualize where that is...?