Thursday, March 3, 2011

project31 - day 25

Day 25. Style 31. Post a pic of your favorite comfy clothes. I'm kinda copping out here (again) as far as posting a pic goes...but there ARE two pictures...just not of moi!

but, in all seriousness, these two pictures perfectly represent my all-time favourite comfy clothes...

they are: Lululemon "Feel the Love" Hoodie - the name of this hoodie says it all...when you put it on it feels like your getting a nice, big hug! And it's nice and long too!!

and Lululemon "Be Still" pants - long :) Putting these pants on makes you wish that every pair of pants felt like these, fit like these, and make you look like these!! AND.....they are comfortable!! What more could you ask for??

.......I couldn't think of anything else either!

So there.....go get yourself some!! You'll thank me later!!


kelly ens said...

someday, i will! :)