Monday, March 28, 2011


outside my window....clouds are flying by revealing big and small sections of beautiful blue sky and sunshine

i am thinking.....about a friend who has returned to work, what to get for a four year old's birthday, and what is in store for us today

i am thankful.....for the stirrings of new life - in my garden and in my body. For my husband who is preparing for next winter by going out and collecting wood. For my girls who are slowly learning how to be good friends.

from the schoolroom.....i will attempt to cover more science and social studies this week, in hopes to get finished this year with a bang....and extra early!! i am thinking about doing some plant growing and neighbourhood drawing....that should be good!!

in the kitchen...some nearly black bananas are screaming to be made into banana chocolate chip muffins! the oven is hoping to be needed for dinner, but i am personally thinking we may just pull out the BBQ again tonight! everything tastes better a little charred!

i am wearing.....a bright pink AE hoodie, some ultra comfy (read: super baggy) lounger pants and my sheepskin slippers.....YES, I am still in my "jammies"!!

i am creating.....i just finished sewing up 6 burp clothes, a lovey, a beanie and a hooded bath-towel for a friend's baby shower yesterday.....and now i must "hook" like a mad-woman to prepare for my, i mean up-coming craft fair on April 2nd!! eeeeek.......

i am try and get the kids out for a walk/ride/play today as well as do a bit of grocery and hunt down a gift for a four year old...all by 3pm today!!!

i am reading......Francine River's Her Mother's Hope and still getting through Tim Kimmel's Grace Based Parenting

i am get started on a garden sooner than hear baby's heart beat this week at my appointment.....and to start enjoying warmer weather!!

i am hearing.....the hum of the fridge.....the chatter of a five year old.....the silence of a three year old, napping

around the house.....floors need washing....laundry is crying to be done....dust is setting up permanent residence.....and we are loving life!

Jim and Ron have been working like crazy downstairs finishing off a closet and making things feel more "homey" down there.....the trampoline has been set back up and the yard is starting to show the signs of spring's arrival!

one of my favourite of late - citrus fruit!! i have been devouring oranges and grapefruit like a pirate with scurvy!! they are more enticing lately than chips, cookies or ice cream!!

a picture of what' been going on so far this morning....

my monkeys sure can make a mess in a short span of time! but man, they had fun making it!!

i made this "shoe lace box" for Karys the other day (reminding me of the book I used to love reading as a child!!)

after we bought her runners with laces...

she was determined to figure out how to tie them on her own......

and after one afternoon alone, this determined girl brought the box to me displaying a beautiful double knotted bow!! and she figured it out HERSELF!! i was certain Daddy must have helped her, and even asked her to make sure she was telling my the truth when she said "no one helped me!"...but after asking Daddy and him replying "nope, i didn't help her" I had to apologize and further praise Karys for her determination and figuring abilities!!!

So....I hope you all have a great and my lemon-sized baby (and #1 and #2) are off to get things going today!! ....after #2 wakes up from her nap, i guess!


kelly ens said...

this was a fun read! :) very impressed with K's shoe-tying skills (and that she figured it out on her own!)

annette said...

i love hearing about your day! Isn't it fun to sit back and actually think about what's all going on.
And congrats on #3 on the way- we also have another one on the way, going for an ultrasound on friday to figure out when they'll be arriving.

Jody & Melissa said...

Love this post! I'm with Kelly - it was really fun to read! and my friend was thinking about you while she was at work... about how she'd really like to be eating scones with you at your kitchen table, watching babies play together. xoxox