Saturday, July 24, 2010

{quiet afternoon}

after quite a busy day...after a week "off" for Jim, full of long hours working on loads of homemade projects...and countless mornings of being woken up a tad after 5AM by my darling #2 daughter (what the HECK?!)...we were pleased to spend a bit of today doing nuthin'.

and by "nuthin' "i mean - i was busy prepping a salad soon to be noted over on my other blog...the girls were busying themselves "tricking" daddy into being their source of entertainment by sneakily piling every blanket/stuffie/ and article of clothing they could muster onto him while he lay on the sofa to "rest"...and Jim, well, i just said what he was doing.

for some reason, miss bean (aka:avery) was MIA during the taking of these pictures, but you get the idea..

an action shot she's moved her attention from daddy, who almost died from heat-exhaustion under all their "stuff," onto setting up what she called a "tea party" - personally, i still can't figure out what part of any of this made up a single aspect of "tea party" but she had a ball!!

pleased as punch that her newest source of enertainment (because daddy's novelty wore off) is obediently behaving...

there's that new source of entertainment...can you see it??

yup, there she is...miss cricket, you're too kind!

and there's that thankful daddy...thankful that they've left him alone, but shared their cherished "ni-nights" with him...some added comfort to aid in a 'quiet' afternoon

~ hope you also had an enjoyable afternoon...