Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roosters, Rides and Endless Roads...

Well - our (read: my) summer holidays have officially begun! And we decided to kick things off with a trip to the Lake to celebrate Jim's mum's birthday! It was just a "quick" trip there, being that we were only able to stay Saturday to Monday early morning, but it was nice to have some serious quiet time after a somewhat hectic 10 months!

Here's a little rooster we got Mum - he sits at the door to the now-completed "Kitchen"!

While we were there the girls were having the time of their lives - we feel so blessed to have this place to go to and the family to spend time with!

Swinging with Oma...

Here's a picture of the Kitchen, fully finished! And they have added some little decks to both buildings - I think it's a nice touch!
Our little cabin...adorned with a deck! Oh yeah...and while we were there, they hooked up a real toilet...that flushes!! I'm slightly excited about that ounce of civility!

Oh yeah - and while we were there Jim and Ron hooked up a real one that flushes!!! I'm slightly excited about that ounce of civility!!
Here's Jim trying to avoid me capturing a moment of relaxation...

Reluctantly allowing the documentation, but the moment was totally lost!

So, I thought I'd document ME... relaxing! Don't you just love my attire?! Yes that IS a Mac Jacket! You know you waaaaant one! Should you choose to come a pay us a visit, there are plenty of jackets to go around!

And of course, what's a trip to the lake if we didn't take the quad out for a spin??

So, there you have it - the rooster, the rides - oh RIGHT...the endless roads! Well that simply refers to the fact that 10 hours in the vehicle there AND back was a tad too long for our girls to manage! Heck - it was almost too much for ME to manage! Don't know that we'll be doing that short of a visit again any time soon! But now, looking back, it was worth it!
Now, onto more adventures this summer has in store!
Blessings to you...