Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Kickin'

But just not here:(
`'s good these days! And that would explain my absence - it's for good reasons! Nothing in particular, we're just busy...being!
The girls are "funner" than ever and now that I've taken on that extra 1 1/2 hours a day at work, the time that I get at home is taken up...not blogging!
In most recent news - we're all counting down the days to Spring Break! I couldn't tell you who is more excited about going to...100 Mile...Karys or...Jim!! You thought I was going to say "Me" didn't you! Nope, me and 100 Mile didn't hit it off that well! Although I am looking forward to spending time with the in-laws!
So...nine more sleeps and we'll be off...and driving! When everyone else (it seems) on staff is boarding their planes, headed toward their sun-filled, water-drenched hot-spots...I'll be...ah... pulling on the parkas and strapping on the snow-boots, gearing up for some serious - 20 degree good times!
nope...not bit! I know we'll have a blast...a chilly one...where we'll try not to freeze and the only burn we may encounter would be due to the frozen variety... whatever! We'll have fun...seriously! right?? RIGHT!!
And, right now...that's about it! We're busy plugging away and counting the sleeps! Here's hoping you too are looking forward to something in nine more sleeps!!


Suzy said...


You'll have fun!

Dawn said...

I'm sorry you're not coming our way, but glad you're about to get a break... I'm sure it's good timing! I think I'm always more excited for my teacher friends about spring break that I am for my kids :-)

ENJOY A WELL DESERVED HOLIDAY...even if it involves parkas and sorrels.

Kelly Benita said...

the best part about the trip (other than seeing family, of course), is knowing you get to go back to Sechelt...the freezing weather and snow is just for a short while :)
have fun!