Thursday, March 19, 2009

Soaking up the 3ft snow!

Well - it won't be a long post...but I finally got connected up here, so I will take the opportunity while it's available!!

We got to Oma and Opa's late Friday night after a LONG week of anticipation - on all of our parts! And thanks to Jim's fervent prayers to NOT have to work we had: one snow day and 2.5 days off for him while he fixed our fuel pump - located conveniently inside the 115L gas tank, which was thankfully almost empty! Praise the Lord my man is handy, because it was a job that would have cost us more than $1000 to fix if we had to bring it in to a shop!! So...once that was all fixed and the snow was on it's way out, we began our journey north-ward! And have been basking in the sun ever since!!
Having fun "practising"...
...on the Snow Day, before we left!

...and this make for a nice, quiet start to our trip!!
This girls are having an absolute BLAST up here with their Oma and Opa and the dogs! It is so cute to watch Karys as she finds things that have been absent for 7 months, she gets this look on her face and says "Mummy...I remember this!!!" Avery, of course, has no recollection of any of her surroundings, but it enjoying herself just the same!! And Jim and I are both in our glory as well - I have been reunited with my scrapbooking/card-making supplies and Jim has the time to be "fixing" little things on our vehicle!
It's amazing to see all the "stuff" we have and have forgotten about becasue it's been in boxes for 7 months!
So...I hope that you all are having a great week -wherever you are!
Oma's Buns and Karys' Buns! YUM...

Plushka (sp??) Delish!!

Big fun with a Big puppy!

She takes this "snow business" very seriously! And has a BLAST!!


Kelly Benita said...

so great!!! awesome that Jim was able to fix the fuel pump. and how wonderful that you're getting reunited with so many items! :)
the girls are so cute, of course!

Sarah said...

I enjoyed catching up on your post! Your kids are just so darned adorable! Glad you're enjoying your *cold* trip up north :-)