Sunday, February 15, 2009


for all you Dora fans!! We did it!! A 10k that is!!

Saturday morning we rose nice and early, packed the girls up and heading off to the ferry! After getting 1/2 of our order at Timmy wrong (:( ) we set off into town, hoping that order wasn't a sign of how the rest of the day was going to go! We picked up my running package, made a quick stop at Rona and then it was off to "Old Oma and Opa's"!!! Karys was looking so forward to finally getting there! Every stop we made she would ask "Now we're at Old Oma and Opa's?" Once we got there she made herself right at it was nice and easy for us to do just the same!!

That evening we were so excited to be able to go and visit some more family who we haven't seen since the summer! And Karys had a great time playing with the big girls!! It was such a nice visit! So nice, in fact that I continued to forget the reason for which we had made this trip! Oh...right...I have to run in the morning! But, seeing as how I had done 16k last Saturday and had a 17k marked for today, 10k would be a welcomed adventure!

So, after an eventful night of having all four of us sleeping in the same room :), we got up and headed out to the Fort!! I made a quick call to my dear friend, who I was running with, and hoped to allay all her nerves from this being her first...race...EVER!!  I quickly scarfed down a bagel and coffee (breakfast of champions...I'm sure!)and we made our way to the Starting Line! 

I was quite impressed with the fact that, had this event been taking place a year earlier, I would be as nervous as my "first time" friend! Today, I simply looked at the 10k as something to enjoy and accomplish with a dear friend!  

Once I got there, I was also aware that two other people I "knew" (I read their blogs:)) were hoping to be running the Half - which started 30 minutes before we took off! So my eyes were on super-patrol, trying to track down my friend and the two running-bloggers! 2 for 3 isn't too bad! But being in the midst of a sea of faces gets a bit overwhelming for me...after a while! I found Melissa and we were making a quit "pit" stop before the Half-ers took off when a "familiar" face walked by! It was neat to be able to meet Suzy and see her right before she took off on her 21.1! Hope you found your timing chip Suzy!! I looked for you after the finish (1:10), but we didn't stay too long - and I don't know if I would have noticed you without the snazzy toque!!  

A little bit after the Half-ers set off, we did a bit of a warm up and we were off!! Melissa got right into the groove! It was an gorgeous day, a gorgeous route and a treat to join her in her first race! She even finished with a better time than she was hoping!! She was going for a 1:15 and we did it in 1:08!! Yay Melis! You did awesome and I am so glad to let me join you in this journey - emotionally and physically!!

So, that's it! No pictures as of yet, but we had a great time! And now...the weekend is done! And we sit here relaxing for the last bit of it we have! Good times! 

Hope you all had a great weekend where you were able to enjoy a memorable time...with a friend!

Have a good night...hope Monday treats you well!


Barley Girl said...

i am so glad that you finally know how it feels to be that friend..
as you are proud of melissa, I always am of you... glad you had a good time.
love you

Suzy said...

Nice work. Seriously, could that day have been any more gorgeous?

Yeah, I got my timing chip, made it to the start line with a minute to spare. It was fine.

I had lots of comments on my toque by observers! The pit-pat of the rope-ties on my toque against my shirt help me keep a good rhythm.

Congratulations! And which half are you doing again? Vancouver?

Anonymous said...

Hey you!! Been meaning to tell you how much I appreciated you getting me out there and sticking with me through it all even though I know you could have kicked my butt!! Love ya!!! Thanks for being an awesome friend!! XXX Melissa