Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yup - I'm thankful! And...its Thursday!

Thankful that we've gotten to this point in the week and we're all still kickin'!! Like we've all enjoyed some fresh air - some yummy home-made cookies (oatmeal-raisin and choc.chip) - I've gotten out for my Fartleks and Hills (minus my running partner) - we've nailed down the fact that we're going up to visit Jim's folks during Spring Break...

Count-Down Calendar!!

Thankful that our "Little Miss Grumpy" is slowly becoming the little sweetheart we know is in there!

Thankful that our Little Miss Smiley doesn't let her big sister get her down...or her 10lb diaper ;P

Thankful that we had a BLAST at the Canucks hockey game last weekend, along with loads of fun strolling the streets and shopping at Costco - kids-free! And that they won 7-3!! Thankful, that in times like these, God has chosen to bless up both with full-time jobs...for the time being!

And...thankful that we get to go into town again this weekend, with the girls, and I get to run a 10K race with my friend! Her first race...ever! We'll have a blast... and the girls will get to see "Old Oma and Old Opa" (Jim's grandparents!) and they'll get to see the cows and chickens and feel like we're 'home' again!

Thank-full...seems to sum up how we're feeling these days!!


Suzy said...

Hey Christina! I looked for you today while I was picking up my race package. I had totally forgotten about picking it up and remembered at the last minute. Hopefully we'll see each other tomorrow, and have a fabulous race!