Friday, July 20, 2012

Year end show

 so...SOOO much has much time has passed...not a clue where I ended or where to even begin...

I came across these pictures...thought i'd share them

Another year end show was survived...and enjoyed!!

My girls L.O.V.E. dance...and especially the performing part!

This year was no different...other than they stayed late every show to take part in the finale!!

My little genie

 Mary and her little lamb

the girls in the tent...ready and set to perform!!

gorgeous weather again this year!!'s been over a month since they were on stage and they have NOT stopped choreographing and performing at is so enjoyable to watch them progress in something they both love!

Karys is now counting down the days until she is able to take part in 2 different summer dance camps!!!

...and they are both looking forward to the different classes Fall will bring!