Friday, November 18, 2011

12 weeks

 not much has been happening around these neck of the woods...

but somehow mr. levi has turned 12 wks old today!!

 we love much
 we feel so blessed!

 and his smiles and coo's melt our heart each time!! in fact, when we want him to smile or coo we generally have to call in the support of his big sisters, as they can make it happen every.time!! he loves his sisters...and they can NOT get enough of him!!

here's a picture of a hat i just made for the Craft Fair I'm in tomorrow...
not a good picture of my lil man, but you get the idea!

so...there ya have it! sorry things have been so sparse around here, but life is busy...Jim is (PTL) back at work until Christmas - a definite blessing given how much we have going on in December!  The girls are soaking up all the learning we are doing...our homeschooling group is off and running, meeting once a week...i have 4 fairs between now and Christmas.  So, unfortunately, blogging has not made it to the top of any of my to-do lists...but you go this one :)


kelly ens said...

goodness, he's cute! looks a lot like avery :)

Bia said...

Oh, Christina! Your little man is SO handsome! And his cheeks are SO squishable!!!
I pray God will bless you with lots of energy and strength to get through, and still ENJOY the Christmas season, and that you will feel no guilt that you somehow need to keep the world up to date on your life (even though we enjoy having a window into your neck of the woods!), but that you will find peace and contentment in your first priorities!
Hugs, and sending blessings your way!
PS: Were all the salsa jars intact? After I sent them off I realized i forgot to put a 'fragile' sticker on the box! I prayed so hard for those jars! LOL

M-squared Family said...

Such a cute, handsome little man!! Love his beautiful eyes :D