Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 whole months

wow...that's all i can say!

how on earth has 2 months gone by already??! has and we are enjoying each day with our little mister!

we've enjoyed the days gone by watching this little guy come into his own...

he grunts like there's no tomorrow

he makes noise unlike any I've heard

he's just starting to smile...which melts my heart each time

he's cooing, especially to his sisters!

and he calms down at the sound of my voice

he is still in our room,  something i find quite funny because the girls never made it past 2 weeks in our room!!

i think it's me getting a tad smarter the more children i have...WHY on earth did i put them in their own room...all the way down the hall??

having him close to me makes the thru-the-nite feedings that much less work in my sleepless state!

as much as i wish i had something more memorable or witty to say...all i can muster is we're doin' good

life's good

and what more could a girl ask for?!


kelly ens said...

HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!! don't know when we'll meet him, but we can't wait :)

Bia said...

Don't you wish you could stop time for a while? Some stages and ages are so sweet, it's a shame they don't last longer. My only advice is, take oodles of pictures, so you can savour as many moments again later, over and over again.
Oh, and don't forget to savour NOW!
A quote from a book I was reading in the wee hours of this morning...

"This 'Now' with the children isn't a cage. It's the marrow. Finally, I have drilled and drilled right to the Essence."

(that's Iris Krasnow, in her book "Surrendering to Motherhood")

Praying many rich blessings on you, day in and day out.