Monday, September 26, 2011

heart broken

my poor poor's difficult to watch a five year old grieve

she has loved and adored cats since she could speak!

and, since we caved into her wishes over a year ago and got her a kitten, she has loved and adored her "Cricit" (Cricket) cat!!

needless to say, we've lost the cat...she's gone, and has been for over 2 weeks now! see the ziploc bag at the top of the picture??'s FILLED with little pictures and notes to/about Cricket and (don't judge me) a chunk of her fur they found when she and Daddy were on a walk looking for her!

it's hard to see, but I honestly forget about it a LOT of the time...until moments like tonight when she drew this card and wrote this note and was biting the insides of her cheeks to make the tears go away...

i have let her know that it's okay to be's good that she's writing these things to help her remember her kitty...and it's certainly helpful to cry! so...cry she did....and it nearly broke my heart!

how to comfort her? how to help her when she wonders "why?" what to say when she asks if God will bring her back?

my little girl is sadly getting an adult dose of reality...

i wish i could take it away...

now, my question is, does another kitty really fix things or make it worse??! and i'm the mummy who has to make the call...*sigh*...i've never wanted that cat back so badly!


kelly ens said...

awwwww - that is heart-breaking! :(