Thursday, May 5, 2011

on life

i am here
i have been wanting to blog
nothing profound
life is happening

mother's day is around the corner
six years ago
the flutters of life began in me
on mothers day
we took "the test"

on mothers day
six years ago
i found out
i would soon join the ranks
of blessed women
who were called
to raise
the next generation

and today
six years later
as number three explores
kicking and squirming
i sit in silence
reflecting on His faithfulness

this IS my calling
He DOES want me
we HOPED to expand
after sixteen months
many tears
and much hope
we ARE expanding
my family...figuratively

my brain can still not comprehend
but the scans prove true
the miraculous gift
of growth
inside me
of strength and health
Thank you Jesus!

tiny flexing hands
perfect pouty lips
delicate feet
with 10 tiny toes
oh...the view

six years ago
on mother's day
the joy began inside
the naive joy of "motherhood"
unaware of what's to come
but expecting the best

and now
six years later
the joy continues
no longer naive
very much aware of the rollercoaster
that is "motherhood"
but i AM called
this IS His plan for me
and number three
is proof
of His faithfulness
of His love for His children
and added blessing

what deep joy
what persistent hope
what a blessing
motherhood is my calling
i am not perfect at it
many days i am certain
my children deserve better
but we press on
seeking His face
leaning on His grace
we unite as a family
to become better in spite of our failure

six years ago the flicker of joy ignited
and this little one grows
bigger and stronger daily
so does my joy
in the blessing of three lives
that have been given to me
who are my calling
that make me "mummy"


Mrs. Rempel said...

Christina, this is beautiful! So true on so many levels. Just another talent you have been given, to write to honestly and beautifully about how much He loves you! We love you too!