Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{my baby...bean}

well...i have a moment, so i'll take what i get! (in all honesty, i AM procrastinating;P) my baby is growing like a weed, which isn't anything new.

but what IS new is that i am actually snapping some pictures of 'things' :)

recently, Avery's been excited about 'camping out' in her room - an idea that she fancied, but one her older sister was NOT fond, alone she slept!

{simple pleasures!}

{ooooh...and another simple pleasure...sleeping in Sissy's bed for nap-time, without her knowing!! Ssshhh!}


and i will leave you with 2 pictures of Avery's newest 'talent' - dressing herself!!
{from head...}

{to toes!!}

well, i guess i can avoid no longer!! duties call (read: i must go and clean/wrap/freeze 60 fresh sockeye least i now know what's for dinner!!)


kelly ens said...

VERY cute! i love Avery's bedding...did you make it? such a cute pattern.
and...she did quite well dressing herself in all purple and yellow!
and WOW, that is a lot of fresh sockeye...YUMMY!

Barley Girl said...

when I first me you, christina, I remeber that you had a pair of sneakers taht were purple and yellow. I think at that time is was YOUR favorite colour combo!!!
She is as wonderful and Uniquie as her mom... and that is a fantastic thing to be!!! keep on lovingyour little beauties. They are SO blessed to have you as thier mom...
cant wait to see you soon.