Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knock Knock...Who's there??

Banana How!!!!!

Don't ask - it's just something Karys says and it makes me laugh every time!

Anyhow, that's my lame distraction-tactic, attempting to divert your attention away from the fact that I haven't had a post on here worth reading in...who-knows-how-long!!

Reason being two-fold: 1) life is actually quite busy/mundane at the moment that I don't think many/any would care about the monotony of it all AND 2) I really feel intimidated about admitting to the challenges I have taken on as "resolutions" this year! And I feel as though if I blog about them, then I'll really have to stick to them - and although I have been sticking to them since the New Year, I don't want to say that I have! Get it?? Me either! Lame excuses!!

So...enough's enough!! This year (meaning at this moment in time and into the foreseeable future) I am wanting to get in better shape, eat healthier, and lose 15 lbs! In an effort to accomplish said goals I have recently signed up for my second Half Marathon, fittingly dubbed the "April Fool's Run"! So training has begun, only this time it's been kicked up a notch - I have a running-partner! YES!! She pushes me to go farther and run faster than I would go should I be left to my own devices! And for that...I am thankful! So far our training has been broken down into 4 different runs a week. Long runs are the start/end of the week - however you look at it, I tend to see them as the last run even though they're on Sunday. And then on Tuesdays we do Fartleks (the word makes me giggle every time!!) On Wednesday we use a part of our lunch break (thankfully we work together) and do our Hills and then on Thursday or Friday we fit in another run separately and it usually entails pushing a double-stroller, which I would venture to presume would count as double the run!! And that's it! It sure makes thing a lot more enjoyable to have a partner to train with...Thanks Lisa!!

Normally I am not one who enjoys sticking to any sort of routine/regime! So the fact that I have set and stuck to this losing weight/eating healthy gig for all of 28 days is pretty impressive to me!! And what's more is that it's actually far I am down 5lbs in 3 weigh-ins!! Not that exciting, but progress nonetheless!

So there! I said it! I've shared with you my goals for '09! And...look...I haven't morphed into a pumpkin!! Yessss! Wonders never cease!

Care to share any goals/resolutions you have set for yourself this year?? I'd love to hear them! And I hope, for your sake, that life spices up a bit around here so that I have some things to share! Until then - "press on toward the goal" and don't forget to makes things more manageable, not to mention it keeps people wondering what could possible make you so happy!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Christina... unfortuneately... I didn't formally set any goals this year... but losing weight is definitely a desire. We had WAYYYY too much sweet stuff around over the holidays! You keep inspiring me, and if I ever become a runner, it will be with you as my model! You are amazing!