Sunday, January 17, 2010

{chilly chase}

so, we did it! the first run of the season is under my belt! and it felt awesome! despite a daunting forecast of torrential rain, we felt not a drop! and mr.sun even decided to pay us a little visit!!

so, here's a snippet of our day...which may have started by jim asking me, once we got to the race, where i was meeting niki. and i may have had to say that our planning never went as far as to mention anything about meeting on race-day, we just knew we'd both be there...and find each other....right?!

karys by her #


avery by her #


start time = t-30 seconds and i STILL can't find niki (do i look nervous?)

once i found niki

"where's my coffee??"

and...there you have it! great run...great day...great company!

ps - shout-outs to my other running peeps - Suzy and Cathy - who BOTH fared very well in their 10k and 5k respectively! nice to see you in your lulu gear Suzy!! and Cathy, i had my eye out for ya! sorry to have missed you, but way to go!!


kelly ens said...

way to go, friend!!!! looks like a good time to me (as in, hours/minutes, not 'fun'!)

Unknown said...

Good JOB Christina! I was happy to see you at the start, but I have to admit I was worried you'd never find your friend. I'm so glad you did, and that you had a great run! It was a fantastic day.

Lisa said...

Nice job and great time! I think you'll be able to do your next half marathon under two hours with that kind of running!